Sunday , July 23 2017
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15 Of The Most Terrifying MS-13 Rituals

Every selective organization has its own traditions and rituals. Harvard graduates parade through campus. New Supreme Court Justices are expected to get coffee for senior justices. And MS-13 has members carry out targeted assassinations. Their motto: “Kill, Rape, Control.” MS-13, also known as Mara Salvatrucha, formed when Central American immigrants fleeing …

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10 Jobs That Make You Gain Weight

Harris Interactive conducted a new study that suggests professions involving high stress levels might affect workers to put on some extra weight. Take a look: #1. Travel Agent #2. Attorney #3. Social Worker #4. Teacher #5. Artist, Designer and Architect #6. Administrative assistant #7. Scientist #8. Police officer #9. Marketing …

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To Honor The Death Of His Wife This Man Planted 6, 000 Trees – After 17 Years, His Deepest Secret Revealed

In 1962 Janet and Winston Howe got married . In their neighborhood they were known as a happy couple who honored and loved each other unconditionally. Over the years of being together their marriage remained happy and their relationship stayed strong. However, the couple found out that nothing lasts forever …

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