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3 Winter Life Hacks To Keep You Warm

Winter has arrived and its really getting cold outside and there’s no warmer weather in sight until the spring. Apart from putting on down jackets and woolen socks, there are other tricks you can make use of to keep warm during the winter. The following video shows three useful hacks …

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6 Hacks To Make Old Things Look As Good As New

Keeping your house clean is a never-ending process. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to clean things just once. Again, and again, they start getting dirty again and we have to get out the cloth and cleaning agents. Well, that’s why we’ve come up with six tips for making cleaning less of …

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3 Unknown Uses For Old Newspaper

As per the saying, there’s nothing older than yesterday’s news. But, yesterday’s newspaper can still be put to good use, as the three following ideas prove.  1. Coaster Cut a sheet of newspaper into eight strips and roll each one up at an angle on a skewer. Now roll one …

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15 Amazing Cooking Tricks For The Kitchen

No one is born with their master of art, especially in the kitchen. But, the following list is not just intended for complete beginners who are standing in front of the cooker for the first time, not knowing what to do with the ingredients. Instead, these tips throw light on …

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20 Clever Ways To Keep Your Kitchens Neat And Tidy

It’s a huge challenge to handle a small kitchen. And as we know, this problem doesn’t just affect cooks on small sailing ships. Most often, we’re left wondering how we can cram our cutlery, pots, pans, and cleaning products into such a tiny space. Then we have to find out …

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6 Kitchen Hacks That Actually Work

We’ve seen many hacks float around that are supposed to make our lives easier but as it goes with most Pinterest or other inspirational things, it’s pretty hard to achieve. So before you get demotivated about you’re terrible streak at kitchen efficiency here is a great and simple video that is …

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