Sunday , March 25 2018
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This Is What Your Birth Month Says About You

The month of birth can reveal deep and interesting things about a person. Though, it cannot be granted as there will always be exceptions, these predictions can be really close to the reality. Check out: January People born in January can be stubborn and have a strong will. They can …

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10 Amazing Facts You Don’t Know About The Sahara Desert

According to a recent study published in the scientific journal Science Advances, humans used to occupy the Sahara Desert nearly 8,000 years ago. Today, the Sahara is one of the most hostile environments on planet Earth. It’s extreme climate conditions makes it a challenging place to survive. There are lot …

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​​Mia Khalifa Answers Your Most Googled Sex Questions

Google is a place where we can find anything. It’s the complete database of everything you can ever imagine! You’ll find simple recipes like cooking or boiling an egg to socially complex question about s3x life. But being a machine, Google lacks the human sympathetic aspect of analysing things. Google …

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15 Things You Should Never Share With Anyone Else

“Sharing is caring” is a phrase that every child has been taught by their parents during their childhood. But, honestly, this does not apply to everything. There are few daily used items which are solely meant to use by just one person alone and should never be shared. The main …

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