Friday , February 28 2020
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Sydney Road Haunted By Supernatural Occurrences

Sydney’s Wakehurst Parkway is known for its mysterious supernatural occurrences and gruesome past. The curving stretch of highway in the city’s northern suburbs plummets into total darkness at night, making it infamous for fatal crashes. It runs along Deep Creek Reserve, a site infamous for ghastly killings such as Stephen Dempsey, …

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20 Scrumptious Halloween Foods That Look Terrifying!

In the spirit of all things spooky about Halloween here are 20 delicious foods that look appalling and even scary. Would you eat these scrumptious looking brains? The images of these scary foods will leave you conflicted for sure! Take a look:

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10 Haunted Dolls That Were Caught On Video

Its Halloween season and I have taken it upon myself to scare people as much as possible with spooky articles. Here is another one that I am sure you clicked despite the title clearly stating it a scary article. This video contains ten footages that have captured haunted dolls and …

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