Friday , February 21 2020
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Picatrix Teaches How To Obtain Energy From The Cosmos

“Through this ancient manuscript…the reader could attract and channel the energy of the cosmos so that a certain event develops according to the will of the practitioner, zodiacal magic; which is said to help master and dominate with accuracy—through the force of the universe—nature and its surroundings.” Picatrix not only …

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10 Ancient Artifacts Of Human Existence

These ancient artifacts ranges from shoes, socks documents and instruments were discovered by scientists, researchers and archaeologists from all over the world. Through intense studies, these artifacts from the past tell us fascinating stories about their owners and how man live during those times. Take your time to enjoy and …

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Souq Al Wakrah Spring Festival Host An Operetta Taking People To Old Qatari Life.

The people who visited the Souq Al Wakrah Spring Festival of 2017 experienced the ‘old Qatari life’ in an operetta. The show which begins at 5.30pm has a run-time of 50 minutes. “We want visitors of all ages to know and acquaint themselves with the struggles of the forefathers of …

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Qatar Foundation Have Taken Initiative To Preserve Heritage Sites

According to international standards, Qatar Foundation (QF) has taken steps to preserve and restore the heritage sites within Education City. Eight historic sites including a first of its kind settlement in Al Rayyan will be preserved. The ancient structures found within the Education City include residential units, wells, stock yards …

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Schoolchildren Enjoy Dhow Festival

The students of 14 international schools went for an educational trip to the sixth Katara Traditional Dhow Festival yesterday to get a glimpse of the rich Qatari maritime heritage. Different projects and activities were assigned to the students in order to understand the maritime life and the life their grandfathers …

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