Tuesday , April 7 2020
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John Cena Fights Back Over Ford GT Lawsuit

John Cena has taken his fight out of the wrestling ring and into the courtroom as he bites back over a lawsuit with automotive giants Ford. The wrestling megastar has found himself at the centre of a legal battle after the car manufacturer accused him of hastily selling a limited …

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12 Young Stars Who Will One Day Rule Hollywood

In the entire world, Hollywood is probably the leading movie industry. The major part of the industry success goes to the actors and actresses this industry has. Right from the greatest actor of all times to the greatest actress, this industry has it all. But among all of them the …

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30 Top Celebrity Public Marilyn Monroe Upskirt Moments

Celebrities, no matter what they wear, skirt or a dress, they can’t escape from the camera lens of the paparazzi, who wait patiently to capture some Marilyn Monroe upskirt moments. Only one mission these paparazzi have is to catch any ‘Oops’ moments, whether it’s a cleavage or an upskirt, that …

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Egyptian Authorities Threaten Lebanese Pop Star For Wearing Revealing Outfit

Haifa Wehbe, a Lebanese pop star was threatened bu Egyptian authorities for wearing shorts during her performance at the American University of Cairo last weekend. She was also ‘called for interrogation’. The pop star claims a female journalist who was watching her perform was disgusted with the costume and compained …

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