Thursday , February 27 2020
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London Musician Builds A Demonic Organ Made Totally From Furbys

Every kid growing up in the 90s would have pleaded their parents to buy them a Furby – you know, those robotic, gobbledygook-spouting toys that the National Security Agency in the US banned from its premises for fear they’d spill official secrets. Now 44 long-forgotten Furbys have been retrieved for …

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Expect To See Some Exceptional Musical Fireworks To Light Corniche On National Day

There is going to be an exceptional musical firework show at the Corniche to mark the Qatar National Day. This year the fireworks will be spectacular as the organisers have promised many more surprise elements to add to the special evening. To be held at the Corniche between 8pm and …

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A Massage Therapist Reveals Dirty Secrets On His Job

A massage therapist recounts bizarre encounters and clients that he has to deal with and those experiences in this confession: She is naked beneath the sheet, lying face down. I feel a little bit powerful, because she cannot see me. With no eyes on me, I am invisible. As my …

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Wow! This Astonishing Smart Crib Can Put Crying Babies To Sleep In Minutes.

Yes, you read that headline right. There is a new smart crib that can literally put babies to sleep. I am not sure where Science and Technology is taking us but the work of the people who created this definitely need appreciation. I am sure many would just love to …

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