Friday , February 21 2020
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Sassy Gorilla Struts His Stuff And Sticks His Tongue Out

Pendeka, a sassy gorilla has all the moves as it struts across its enclosure. The gorilla is affectionately called Pende, resides at a the Detroit Zoo. He playfully struts while sticking his tongue out for a photo. The gorilla shares his enclosure with two other Drill monkeys and 10 chimpanzees …

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Pervert Dolphin Gets A Boner With A Female Snorkeler

A bottlenose dolphin in the waters of Turks and Caicos Islands tried to get intimate with a female snorkeler and it’s hilarious. An adventure group that includes a couple and a videographer went to the island of East Caicos when they came across this dolphin. They decided to play with …

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