Tuesday , January 28 2020
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Trump Retweets Four-Year-Old Post From Radio Host Who Once Said Sandy Hook Was A Hoax And Attacked Activists Of The Florida School Shooting

President Donald Trump inquisitively retweeted a four-year-old tweet from a radio show host who believed the Sandy Hook shooting was a ‘hoax’ and implied that some of the Parkland, Florida shooting activists were gay. On Saturday, Trump wrote, ‘So true Wayne, and Lowest black unemployment in history!’ calling attention to …

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Sixth Finger Spotted In Obama Portrait

Social media users were shocked when it was rapidly pointed out that what appeared to be a sixth finger was painted into the official portrait of former President Barack Obama. The portrait, done by artist Kehinde Wiley, is set to hang in the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery and shows the former …

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President Trump Signs the RAISE Family Caregivers Act

Offering care for a family member or other loved one is not an easy job, and it entails a great deal of support. However many caregivers’ needs have long gone unmet. As a result, many of these individuals are strained thin and disposed to to burnout, which can delay their …

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15 Of The Weirdest Town Names In America

Every town name is unique in its own way and is given based on different reasons. A town can be named from a person, inspired by mythology, or by fauna and flora species. Most of the time, these towns have sophisticated names that have a wonderful ring to it. In …

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‘If US Wanted It Could Wipe N.Korea Out In 30 Mins’

Washington and Pyongyang are both competing for position, according to former Pentagon official Michael Maloof. The US is playing good cop, bad cop and is sending a signal to Beijing to get on the stick and get ‘this kid’ to smarten up a little, he added. The US Defense Secretary …

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