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This teenager was attacked in her home by three men who tried to rape her. She defended herself, but then they threw something on her. Ten years later, this is what she looks like

Warning: This article contains images that some readers may find disturbing. Indian student Sonali Mukheriee was a lovely and successful 17-year-old, president of her university’s student union, captain of the National Cadet Corps (a national army corps for students), while pursuing a PhD in sociology. She had everything to look forward to.  …

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The Secrets Behind Our Five All-Time Favorite Magic Tricks

A magic show is a tried and tested way to keep kids happy and enthralled. Sometimes, looking at all those incredible goings on, even the grown-ups can’t help exclaiming: ’’How is it possible?!’’ For all those eager to find out the truth, we at Bright Side can now reveal the explanations behind five of the most popular magic tricks. Pulling a rabbit out …

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To Honor The Death Of His Wife This Man Planted 6, 000 Trees – After 17 Years, His Deepest Secret Revealed

In 1962 Janet and Winston Howe got married . In their neighborhood they were known as a happy couple who honored and loved each other unconditionally. Over the years of being together their marriage remained happy and their relationship stayed strong. However, the couple found out that nothing lasts forever …

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10 Features Of Japanese Education System You Will Envy

Japanese are known for their intelligence, health, politeness and wellness. But why are they so unique and different from the rest of the world? Take a look: #1. Manners before knowledge In Japanese schools, the students don’t take any exams until they reach grade four. It is believed that the goal for the …

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Stunning Transparent Creatures That Totally Looks Unreal

Nature is full of surprises and there is no dearth of unbelievable creatures that can blow you away with its features. Here are some of the transparent creatures that we had no idea existed: The Glass-winged butterfly The reason for its transparency is low light absorption from its wings, low …

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