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Doctor On Your Fingertips


Your health is in your hands; anything which has a positive effect on your well-being and comes free of cost is harmless and should definitely be given a trial. Reflexology is a science based on the notion that each body part is represented on the hands and feet. Pressing these specific points has a beneficial effect on the organs and is an effective way to alleviate stress

  1. The Thumb

The thumb represents heart and lungs and slight pressure or pull on it is effective in lowering heartbeat. It helps you in breathing with ease.


  1. The forefinger

The index finger symbolizes your stomach and colon. Pressing or rubbing your forefinger helps you alleviate constipation and abdominal pain.


  1. The Middle Finger

The nerve endings of your middle finger are connected to respiratory system, blood system, heart and small intestine. Issues or discomfort related to them can be relieved by pressing or pulling the middle finger.

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