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Burn Bay Leaves And You Won’t Regret It


Agents of Nature


Bay leaves are one of the most productive and wonderful gifts of nature to the mankind. It has this amazing texture and is used for several purposes in various fields. It has amazing medicinal value and other qualities for which it qualifies as a great plant. In fact, in parts of India, it is used as a spice for its strong aroma. It is added to enhance the flavor and sometimes they are also found grounded. It is in fact used for therapeutic healings and to retain the wounds it is also used at times. Symbolically it was earlier meant as an image for mirth and glory. With its fine structure, it is used in both its dry and raw forms.


Burning the leaves can do wonders:


The leaves, when burnt, release this smell which is generally made up of several volatile compounds. This kind of smell is really good for health and one should intake it to makes it more amazing for various diseases. The values include many as such help in healing or reducing cramps, muscle pain, flu etc. It also helps in calming down one’s senses and helps to rejuvenate oneself from the daily stress.  Just for an experiment burn a couple of available bay leaves to see the effect in one’s own eyes and believe in the benefits it offers. This is an amazing trick, which very few people are aware of. So, give it a try and see the results yourself.


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