Monday , May 22 2017
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Sniper Takes Out Three ISIS Men With Single Bullet!

Moments before three ISIS terrorists were about to shoot into a crowd of women and children, a British Special Air Service marksman killed all three with a single bullet! According to The Daily Star, an SAS intelligence group was closely monitoring ISIS activity in a remote village outside of Mosul in September 2016. Even …

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Filipina Falls To Her Death From An Apartment In Hong Kong!

An unidentified Filipina who fell from the Mong Kok apartment in Hong Kong was declared dead on arrival by a hospital after she was rushed by medics. The event took place on Wednesday, May 17, at around 10 pm and was declared dead at the Kwong Wah Hospital.   Her Palestinian husband was …

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A man abuses her 15-year-old daughter. When she sees the DNA results, her world falls apart

15-Year-Old Daughter Tells Mom That Her step Father Abused Her. When Mom Sees The DNA Results, She Is Shattered! 34-year-old Catherine St. Germain from Loveland, Colorado had separated from her former husband, the father of her 15-year-old daughter, Alyssa, and was embarking on a new relationship with a man named Aaron …

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