Friday , January 24 2020
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Picatrix Teaches How To Obtain Energy From The Cosmos

“Through this ancient manuscript…the reader could attract and channel the energy of the cosmos so that a certain event develops according to the will of the practitioner, zodiacal magic; which is said to help master and dominate with accuracy—through the force of the universe—nature and its surroundings.” Picatrix not only …

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Detox And Purify Your Lungs Naturally In 72 Hours

Even people who don’t smoke suffer from lungs problem, while those who have been smoking for 40 years and their lungs work perfectly fine. All this depends on the person’s organism. In addition, we will present to you some advice on how to cleanse your lungs in three days. Before …

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People Who Cry During Movies Are Emotionally Strong

While watching movie a lot of people become emotional. People who cry over movies tend to have something that a lot of others haven’t really cultivated: empathy. It takes a special type of person to have empathy. Many people out there — narcissists and sociopaths, for example — are born …

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