Tuesday , January 28 2020
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Skydiver Jumps From 25,000 ft Without Parachute

The video is about a US. Skydiver who jumps from 25,00sqft without parachute. Luke Aikins plummeted from 25,000 feet above the desert landscape of California’s Simi Valley without a parachute, landing squarely in a 100 feet x 100 feet, two-tiered net set up to catch him. He nailed the landing …

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Weather Girl Yanet Garcia Has Made An X-Rated Music Video

In this video, which seems to be in a chronological order, the weather gal appears to be on video chat with a lover. She shakes her hips and got her kit off and using a selfie stick to make sure the unknown entity on the other end of the line …

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‘The Simpsons’ Make A Fool Of Donald Trump With Brutal Spoof Clip

For the latest episode of America’s longest running cartoon, Homer and Marge lie in bed watching ‘truthful’ campaign TV ads for Hilary Clinton and Trump, showing how the potential leaders might respond if called to the situation room in the dead of the night. Before we say anything else, we’ll …

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These Guys Cracked Pokémon Go Wide Open

Moots works in finance and comes from rural Colorado, while Dronpes is a developer at a tech company, hard-working with a cautious, controlling streak. Both are tall, stubbly white guys in their late 20s—the right age to have fond memories of the first generation Pokémon games. Six months ago they …

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Lady Gaga Posted The Saddest Breakup Instagram You’ve Ever Seen

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney were the pinnacle of celebrity love and happiness before rumors of their breakup rocked our world. The singer has been tight-lipped about reasons behind their collapsed engagement. Lady Gaga posted a photo of the couple on Instagram and revealed the sad reason why they can’t …

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