Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Turkish Firm Has Won $200m Contract To Build Highway In Qatar

Turfish firm Turkey’s Tekfen Holding has announced that its construction unit has won a $200m contract to build a highway in Qatar. “One of our subsidiaries, Tekfen Construction, won construction works for the Eastern Industrial Road (Ashghal) from the Qatari Public Works Directorate for $729.6 million Qatari Riyal (nearly $200 …

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Qatar Filed WTO Complaint Against Three Gulf Countries

Qatar filed a wide-ranging legal complaint at the World Trade Organization to challenge a trade boycott by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. “Qatar has requested WTO dispute consultations with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia concerning measures adopted by the three countries which allegedly restrict …

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Qataris Are Losing Worth Millions Of Dollars Due to Blockade

Due to the ongoing blockade many Qataris are deprived of following up on the operations of their companies in the siege nations, leading to losses worth millions of dollars. The local Arabic daily Arrayah reported that most of the Qatari clients have not received their due payments from some firms …

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Siege Nations Deliberately Mislead US On Terrorism Roots

Qatar’s ambassador to the US Sheikh Meshal bin Hamad al-Thani said the siege nations were carrying out a plan to mislead the US on the roots of terrorism, suggesting that they aim to divert attention from themselves. Sheikh Meshal said he wanted to put across the message for US President …

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