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Saudi Arabia Mulls Over Setting Up Military Base With Qatar

Saudi Arabia is planning to establish a canal through Salwa, on its land border with Doha, and the conversation of the island into a military base.

According to the sources close to the developments, it was revealed that “Passports and Customs offices have been removed from the Salwa border with Qatar.

Instead, the Saudi Border Guards will administer the area in a new development on the Salwa Marine Canal project, which was revealed a few days ago.”

“The entire channel project will be financed by Saudi and Emirati investment authorities from the private sector, and with full sovereignty of Saudi Arabia, while leading Egyptian drilling companies will dig the water canal,” a Saudi newspaper reported.

The sources added: “a Saudi military base will be established in part of the border between the Qatari border and the Salwa Marine Channel, while the remaining part will be transformed into a nuclear waste burial site for the Saudi nuclear reactor which construction is being planned by Saudi Arabia according to best practices and global environmental requirements. On the other part, the vicinity of the UAE’s nuclear reactor and its burial site will be at the extreme point on the UAE border near Qatar.”

According to geopolitical experts, “the establishment of the Saudi military base between the Salwa Marine Canal Project and the Qatari border will provide Saudi Arabia with control over a strategic region of Salwa Island, which includes Qatari territory. This means that, after this project, Qatar will not be an independent island.” said the newspaper.


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