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Emir To Meet US President Trump In Washington Today

Emir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani will be meeting US president Donald Trump in Washington DC today, during which the two leaders will be discussing ways to enhance ties between the two countries.

They will also be discussing subjects of strengthening security as well as economic relations. Sheikh Meshal bin Hamad Al Thani, Qatari ambassador to the United States, said the two leaders would also discuss the expansion of the US base in Qatar.

The Al Udeid airbase — home of the US Air Force Central Command — currently houses some 10,000 US military personnel, serving as the largest overseas US military base in the Arab world.

“They will also discuss the conflict in Syria, the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, and steps towards rebuilding Iraq. These issues are very important to Qatar, and we know that the US administration takes these issues very seriously,” added Sheikh Meshal.

Commenting on the Gulf crisis, Sheikh Meshal said: “The US has been attempting to mediate in the crisis, and we’ve welcomed and supported these efforts since the start.”

“We’re committed to resolving the crisis with our neighbours through dialogue in an effort to lift the illegal blockade,” he continued, in reference to the blockade.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration gave a warm welcome to the Emir at the Pentagon and praised Qatar’s ‘critical support’ for operations against the Islamic State.

“We don’t take this relationship for granted, and we appreciate what you do,” he said before reporters were ushered out of their meeting.


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