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Teen Posts A Random Pic And Ends Up Discovering Many Other Lookalikes

This has to be a one of its kind. There are instances where we have seen a few lookalike cases but this is something really different. A girl was posted a random pic of hers was surprised when she received a series of dopplegangers from around the world.

Santana Gutierrez, a 17-years-old, was shopping in San Diego when she was approached by Isobel, who worked for Save The Children campaign. She was trying to raise funds for the organisation and was explaining things to Santana.

However, it was difficult for Santana to focus as she noticed that Isobel looked almost like her. She said: “I kind of felt bad ‘cause I wasn’t listening to what she was saying – all I was thinking was, ‘This girl looks exactly like me.’”

She soon captured the moment and posted it on her Twitter account. It went viral and it was just the beginning of something interesting.

She started receiving images from people who resembled her.

Check this out too:

Santana reacted: “I was extremely freaked out.” She even told her parents about it.

She said: “I shared (the photos) to my dad because everyone said, ‘Your parents have some explaining to do.

“It was very weird!”

As it went viral, the photos just kept coming in. Someone even pointed out that she was like celebrity Samantha Boscarino…

… and Auli’I Cravalho, the voice actress for Moana.

What’s your take on this?


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