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Teenager In Tottenham Dies After Being Brought Down By Gunshot

A teenager lost her life in Tottenham after she was shot dead after a fight in a milkshake bar, according to the reports.

Tanesha Melbourne, 17, died in her mum’s arms after she was brought down by gun shots. Police rushed to the spot in North London and found that she had gunshot wound. She was declared dead at the scene.

The locals claim that a punch-up, which was caught on camera in Tinseltown diner, Farringdon, was the cause of the shooting. It was also reported that the teenager’s death was a result of a revenge attack.

The video featuring three men shows them punching another man in a stairwell, while a woman can be seen laying on top of the victim in order to protect him. However, it is not clear whether it was in Tanesha in the clip.

The reports claim that the fight was linked to gang violence in the Wood Green area of north London.

Detective Chief Superintendent Richard Wood, in charge of the Homicide and Major Crime Command said: ‘Once again this weekend violent crime and the murder of young people on our streets has hit the headlines, and quite rightly.

‘Today there are families and loved ones struggling to come to terms with the loss of their children and best friends.

‘We are concerned about the number of people being killed on our streets, and 2018 has shown the reality that more young people are prepared to turn to more serious violence more quickly.

‘Our homicide detectives are working incredibly hard to do all they can to identify and catch those responsible.

‘Of the 48 murders this year, there have been 76 arrests and 47 charges.

‘Whilst the reasons for the rise in violence, being seen across the country, are many and complex, the role of the police is clear.

‘The absolute priority for the Met is to bear down on violent crime in all its forms, but especially knife and gang crime.’

Anybody with the information is requested to contact police on 101.


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