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Candyman Businessman Reveals His Wife’s Crazy Fantasy That Would Make Men Jealous

Travers Beynon, a business tycoon, revealed that his wife ‘loves’ sharing him with up to 30 other women. The 46-year-old businessman lives with his 27-year-old wife Taesha, and permanent girlfriends Nisha, 22, and Krystal, 21, in a mansion on the Gold Coast, Australia.

They organise parties at the weekend and invite dozens of other women – and he has claimed that the mother of his children ‘absolutely gets involved.’

Beynon told: ‘We’re very happy. I’ve been married to my wife for eight years and our relationship – in a fun sense, in a family sense, and in a sexual sense – is like we first met.’

And Taesha agreed: ‘We have a very experimental sex life – it’s extreme.

‘I haven’t watched porn of anything like that but even if you were to watch porn I don’t think it’s anything compared to what we get up to.’

Beynon has two children with Taesha – Velicia, seven, and Serafina, six – and also Valentino, 19, and Luciana, 17, with ex-wife and Miss World 1991 Ninibeth Beatriz Jiminez Leal.

Taesha continued: ‘I kissed girls when I was younger and have always been curious. I’ve had my time with jealousy and you get past it.

‘Trav and I have a very strong marriage and a very strong relationship – we make enough time to spend one on one together. I feel like I’m always the centre of his life.’

Beynon often invites girls who contact him on Instagram and said that he is always in the lookout for more girlfriends. He said: ‘There is a very certain skill to be able to have a wife and two girlfriends and have another eight to ten girls there at the same time.

‘There are a lot of things you can’t say or do and you have to be very mindful.

‘You must not give one more attention than other or they get jealous. Girls want attention – well we all do.’

However, not all are invited to the exclusive parties, which holds a strict no drama policy. Beynon, who calls his events Candy Shop Mansion Parties, said: ‘In my household the rule is no forced drama, no bitching and no trying to get another girl in trouble, which can happen when girls get competitive when there’s one guy and multiple women.’

The self-styled playboy explained that girls get kicked out for two reasons. ‘Either for causing drama or for being emotionally attached because I can be pretty wild and fun. If they think they can replace my wife, it’s not gonna happen,’ he continued.

Taesha added: ‘Trav makes us feel comfortable to come out of our shells, to experiment with each other and with him. He is crazy but he definitely has a softer side which is what keeps us close.’

Beynon doesn’t hold back while sharing the party images on Instagram, in spite of being slammed for his treatment of women. But he maintains that he is a supporter of women.

He said: ‘I am a feminist. I have girls here who want to be models – I look after them and dress them and style them and make them feel beautiful.

‘But I also employ women who I work with in the boardroom, in the corporate setting and I would never ask them to come to the mansion and wear bikinis.’

Interestingly, his wife, a former super model, doesn’t want to work with him, but wants to stay at home with the kids.

Taesha added: ‘To anyone who says Travers degrades women or is disrespectful to women, I say that they don’t know what he’s actually like.

‘I never feel degraded – what we do is fun. Which girl doesn’t like to be handcuffed and thrown on the bed?

‘Sex is so plain these days, people need to spice it up.’


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