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They Met, Fell In Love, Got Married; But Wife’s Intense Gambling Separated Them

Christopher Forte was madly in love with Juliana Posman from Indonesia. Mr Forte, 36, was a boarder at Lancing College. He met Miss Posman when they were both working for an IT firm in Surrey.

She was living in England since she was 20, initially working at the Grosvenor Hotel in London, where she befriended businessmen Isaac Kaye and Warren Roiter.

She was addicted to gambling and even told Forte that she made money on movements in the German stock exchange index the DAX, typically betting that it would fall below a certain level. However, when things started to go bad, her debt started to increase and she even owes two businessmen £2.5million and a spread betting company hundreds of thousands, on top of other debts including numerous credit cards.

She used to report a daily wins of £500 on spread betting websites, with occasional losses of around £200. But on one occasion, Mr Forte said, she lost £1.3million in a day. However, impressed by her faith that she would ‘strike it rich’, he proposed to her.

They soon got married in a £20,000 ceremony in 2014 and followed it up with another wedding for Posman’s Chinese-Indonesian family in Indonesia.

They had their honeymoon in Bali and were leading a romantic life. But, things started to fade away as Posman started to ask her husband and his parents for loans, saying she needed to show assets of £5million to get a visa.

Mr Forte said: ‘In retrospect it was absolute rubbish. I’m British, she was my wife, and we could have got her a legitimate visa for a couple of thousand. But I didn’t realise that – I was in love. I would wake up and she’d be in tears, saying “I need another £15,000”.

‘She’d be crying as she asked me if I could raid my savings, sell my Premium Bonds, or ask my parents. If I asked any questions she’d get more upset, say I didn’t trust her, and walk out saying “You don’t want me any more”.’

He lent her £45,000, while his retired parents handed their daughter-in-law £131,330. Juliana would say it was sitting in her bank account,’ said the former public schoolboy.

He was shocked when he received a letter from Mr Roiter, who informed that he and his partner Mr Kaye had lent Miss Posman £2.5million. They claimed that they had been told that Mr Forte would guarantee the loans, but he had no idea about it.

She was in Indonesia at the time, but when she returned things were totally different. It was revealed that she had given £750,000 to her brother, £250,000 to her parents and lost several million spread betting.

When the couple divorced last August at a family court hearing in Brighton, Miss Posman agreed to pay the £169,000 she still owes Mr Forte and his parents at a rate of £1,700 a month. She has failed to make the repayments and has since been declared bankrupt. Penniless Mr Forte is now lodging in Brighton with a relative, while Miss Posman, who has obtained leave to remain in Britain, lives in a seaside flat in Hove, East Sussex.

He said: ‘Gambling addiction is one of the worst because of the damage it does families. She didn’t marry me for my money, but maybe she saw I was a soft touch. She doesn’t deserve a visa.’

Meanwhile, Mr Kaye and Mr Roiter have reportedly written off the debt she owes them. But they refused to comment on it.


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