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Scientists Make Startling Revelations In The Arctic Waters

The conditions in ice-covered Arctic waters can seriously be challenging for marine life than the normal waters. However, if the findings of scientists are to be believed, then the lifespans of jellyfish residing in harsh conditions of Arctic waters could be much longer than what is believed.

The scientists identified a jellyfish in waters near Barrow, Alaska, that could be several years old – when jellyfish usually live for just a few months.

“One reason we were interested was, first of all, we saw them, and it was kind of weird,” said marine biologist Andy Juhl, a researcher at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

“Life under sea ice is like living in a refrigerator – everything slows down,” he said.

The body of jellyfish, the Chrysaora melanaster, can grow to nearly 2 feet in length while its tentacles can get to over than 10 feet in length. It carries a painful but non-deadly sting.


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