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Interesting Emir Facts That Every Qatari Must Know

Qatari Emir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani has emerged as an iconic figure ever since the crisis broke out in June last year. Thanks to sensible handling of the crisis, the love, respect and affection by the people of Qatar has touched peaks.

Any news related to the leader is keenly awaited by the residents and that’s exactly why we have comprised a list of interesting facts about the man himself that you would like to know.

Here are some of the interesting facts of Emir:

The June Factor

June is a special month for the emir. Not only he was born on June 3rd, he also became the Emir of Qatar on the 25th of June 2013, after his father’s abdiction.

The Youngest Emir

He was the youngest emir in the GCC when he came into power in 2013. He was just 33 when he took over the reign from his father.

Special England Connection

Emir holds England close to his heart as he was educated in Britain’s Sherborne School (International College) and has many fond memories of his time there. He also attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and graduated in 1998.

Unexpected Rise To The Top

In spite of being the fourth child in the family, the emir became the heir apparent on the 5th of August when his elder brother Sheikh Jassim renounced his claim to the title.

Hassle-Free Claim of the Crown

Most of the leaders have to go through many political games and internal rifts before claiming the ultimate position. However, it was different in Sheikh Tamim’s case as he was the first ruler of Qatar who ascended to the power without resorting to a coup.

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