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Trump Retweets Four-Year-Old Post From Radio Host Who Once Said Sandy Hook Was A Hoax And Attacked Activists Of The Florida School Shooting

President Donald Trump inquisitively retweeted a four-year-old tweet from a radio show host who believed the Sandy Hook shooting was a ‘hoax’ and implied that some of the Parkland, Florida shooting activists were gay.

On Saturday, Trump wrote, ‘So true Wayne, and Lowest black unemployment in history!’ calling attention to right-wing host Wayne Dupree who had tweeted back in November 2014, ‘This is what it’s all about! It’s ok 2 b black, conservative and love America and not vote Democrat! Freedom exists!’

While the president has often advertised the black unemployment numbers, the left-leaning ThinkProgress pointed out a number of offensive things Dupree had said this week, and in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting, that would give any normal politician pause before spreading an individual’s message.

For one, Dupree called the parents mourning the deaths of their children at Sandy Hook Elementary School ‘crisis actors’ back in January of 2013, long before that term was applied to the children of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School this month.

More recently, on February 19, Dupree shared photos of some of the kids speaking out from Marjory Stoneman Douglas signifying they were shedding crocodile tears when the news cameras were on, but smiling and posing for photos with journalists when the cameras are off.

‘Silence on the set……3……2……1….. Action!’ he wrote, insinuating the kids were actors.

The Washington Post found that Dupree had gotten increasingly angry at the Florida kids’ political activism in the wake of the Valentine’s Day shooting that upset their Parkland, Florida community, and left 17 dead.

‘Listen, I am really trying to give these students spokespeople a chance,’ he wrote last Sunday on Facebook, four days after the massacre. ‘I know they are still grieving & emotions are still high but this misinformation on gun control and blaming Trump is making my mercury rise.’

On Monday, he wrote his post telling the kids were just acting.

Then, on Tuesday, Dupree suggested that two of the most vocal students, Emma González and David Hogg, were gay.

‘Unfortunately, you can already tell these kids are going to be card-carrying leftists,’ Dupree wrote beneath an image of González and Hogg on CNN. ‘I hate to be blunt despite what tragedy they went through, but both those kids look like they are going to be future members of the LGBTQXYZ movement.’

On Friday, the Post noted, Dupree attended the Conservative Political Action Conference being held just outside of Washington, D.C.

President Trump was the main speaker at the conference that day,

During his speech, the president spoke of his support for the Second Amendment and floated the idea of arming teachers to prevent a school shooting, like the one in Parkland, from happening again.

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