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There Is A Russian Stylist Who Uses An Axe To Cut Hair


According to Huffington Post, there is a Russian stylist who uses an axe to cut hair. At the end of the article we will show you his video. Instead of scissors, he uses a cleaver because they are overrated. Cutting your mane with a cleaver can be terrifying but it is quick and irregular.

This cleaver-swinging method is done by Daniil Istomin. The actual technique followed by this stylist is hard to tell until you see the video itself. In the videotape, you can see a woman laying her head on the table. Istomin, the Russian stylist uses his axe to cut hair violently and combing through it.

Danii Istomin doesn’t use any other tool to cut the hair. His technique is so quick that he can complete two different hairstyles at the same time. It can be a quick and unique technique but if in case, one mishap will not only cut a large portion of your mane but leave you with no neck.

After the Russian Stylist is done with chopping the desired length of the mane, he removes them with the end of the cleaver. The most incredible part of his technique is that after cutting the mane, he doesn’t even look at the hair properly.

According to YouTube, his videos are going viral over the internet since 2017 but it doesn’t seem like he is making these videos for fame. According to Google Search, currently, there is not such salon in America which use an axe to cut hair.

Here’s The Video:

After seeing this videotape, people are going crazy over this style of cutting hair. Most of them are totally confused by the process, some are ever scared to watch it. Here’s some reaction of people on Twitter over this technique:


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