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Here Are The Best Skincare Routines On Twitter, Made By Real Girls

For every woman face is their frame of beauty and they are judged according to this frame. The stature of confidence comes from the woman’s skin clarity of acne, wrinkles, and sunburns. Most women desire healthy looking skin that is smooth and firm, therefore, they need to take care of its texture and form.  Some real girls having ideal skin revealed the best single step of their skincare technique on Twitter, which they have composed via various skincare remedies available on the internet.


She confirms on Twitter, that her acne simply disappeared after using this composed skincare technique.

Every other day, she uses this face wash.

As per her Twitter, she begins her everyday composed skincare technique with this Witch Hazel toner.

She uses fresh aloe vera for redness and scars, after washing her face with the toner and wash.

Every morning she begins by washing her face with the body wash and water, thereafter applies Neutrogena moisturizer and oil-free sunscreen.

Chaur @chaurtorius

She claims on Twitter, that this acne of hers happened to disappear, after applying her own composed skincare technique.

Every day she cleanses with this soap and a spin brush.

To take off her makeup, she uses Vitamin E cleaning oil.

Witch Hazel is used as a toner.

Only raw shea butter is used as a moisturizer.

In case of a breakout, she puts 10 percent Benzoyl Peroxide on the spot and says it goes down instantly.

Hence, she makes a start right away with the composed skincare technique, as it starts working within a month.


She stormed Twitter with her radiant face that precisely looks like it has Haloscope all around it.

She begins the skincare technique using a Witch Hazel toner, for cleansing and makeup removal.

And with Aveeno Daily SPF she gets it moisturized.

She rubs an Oxy Pad to the spot if there’s an acne.

…Then with tea tree oil, she massages it.

A few times a week, she uses the composed Aztec Secret mask with Rose Water, whereas Apple Cider Vinegar also acts.

Ellie Choi

Everybody is going gaga about Ellie on Twitter because of her ‘glass skin,’ that is indisputably so smooth and glossy, as it emulates light.

In fact, the most important part of her skincare technique is to drink enough water.

She composed her everyday skincare technique on Twitter, involving Neutrogena Makeup Remover, Kiehl’s Facial Cleanser, Clinique Toner and Water Bomb Cream Moisturizer. She claims, that Cetaphil products can be applied as a replicate of her more pricey products.

Every other day she uses Skinfood Strawberry Scrub exfoliator and 1-2 Innisfree facial masks a week.


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