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Amazing Makeup Tricks That Will Roll Back Your Years

Some people just take a few minutes to perfect their makeup and yet appear to be stunning. That is because they do it the right way.

Now, here are some makeup tricks that can take off years.


Once you apply the makeup, warm a dab of oil-free moisturizer or balm in the palms of your hands, then gently press it on your cheeks and forehead. The added hydration creates a youthful, sheer sheen.

Even out a ruddy complexion

You need not use concealer, foundation, and powder to combat redness, when there is an easy-to-use bronzing powder that can do the job better and faster. Bronzers (yes, you can use them year-round) are loaded with rich earth tones such as copper, amber, and chestnut that cancel out ruddiness.

Eyes and cheeks

Once you are done with your regular eye shadow, apply a shimmery white one on the inside corners of your eyes to minimize darkness. Take another minute to brush on two coats of mascara—the fastest trick for looking a hundred times more rested.

Create larger looking eyes

You can use a darker shade of eyeliner (like black) on your top lids and a lighter shade (such as charcoal) along the bottom lash line. (To really make your peepers pop, try a brighter-colored liner, such as sapphire-blue or emerald-green, on the top lids.) Make sure the top and bottom lines meet at the outer corners; this will make eyes look even bigger.

High cheekbones

Make sure you sweep a neutral-coloured blush toward your hairline and then brush a bright pink on the apples of your cheeks. You can also finish by placing three dots of shimmery white eye shadow on the top of the cheekbones and then lightly blend.

Lips – plump your pout

Apply a creamy lipstick that’s a bit brighter than your lip colour (darker shades tend to make lips look thinner) and use a liner that’s close to the shade of your lipstick to line and fill in your lips for a long-lasting natural look.

Play up your pearly whites

Just go for the blue-based pink lipsticks, irrespective of whether your teeth are newly whitened or you want them to look that way. Unlike yellow-toned shades, which enhance discoloration, blue-based ones boost the brilliance of your smile.


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