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After 500 Deaths In Syria, U.N. Demands 30-Day Cease-Fire

We always complain about minor things like not having a very good phone, not having enough money and many more materialistic reasons. But have we ever thought of people living in Syria? The conditions they are living in, the instability in their lives, the vulnerability and so much more.

From the last seven years, the cruel Civil War is ongoing and this week more than 500 people were killed. The United Nations Security Council has finally decided to approve a 30-day cease-fire in the disturbed area.

Since from a very longtime, the Syrian territory is facing airstrike and shellings, but this Saturday the attack in the Eastern Suburbs of the Syrian Capital has affected the civilians immensely. The attack has left the civilians in a state of shock and they are hiding in underground shelters. British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has shared that the attack has consumed at least 500 lives, including 190 children and women.

The UN Verdict

The UN has approved a 30-day cease-fire in the disturbed area to evacuate people who are injured. The sponsors, Kuwait and Sweden, amended the resolution late Friday in a last-minute attempt to get Russian support, dropping a mandate that the cease-fire takes effect in 72 hours.

Nikki Haley’s take on the verdict

The U.S. ambassador condemned Russia For stalling its vote on the ceasefire. She tweeted:

Here is what Russia has got to say

The Russian Foreign minister seeks assurance that the residential areas won’t be attacked by this rebel fighter in Syria.

“For the resolution to be effective, and we are ready to negotiate such a text, we put forward a principle that will enable the ceasefire to become real and based on guarantees of all those inside Eastern Ghouta and beyond Eastern Ghouta,” Lavrov said.

What is Syrian crisis?

The crisis began in March 2011 when a group of Syrians was arrested and tortured by Syrian President BasgarAl-Asad for lending their support to Arab Spring uprisings against autocratic

During the protest, the Ashad Army killed a number of people and the situation overturned into a crisis. The increasing chaos led to the invasion of terrorists in the area including remnants of al-Qaeda in Iraq and an offshoot that became the Islamic State, or ISIS.

Syria has been through a lot in these 7 years and a number of areas have been seized by ISIS and militants. The Syrian crisis involves many powerful countries like the Us, Russia, and Turkey.

The Current Scenario

The statistics are very depressing because this civil war has killed over a half-million people and around a million people have migrated to different countries. A UN study says that nearly 3 million Syrian children have lived their entire lives gripped by civil war. Every other day we get to hear of ceasefire in Syria.

Russia and the U.S. have played immense roles in the crisis. Russia is still bombing areas outside Damascus not controlled by the regime.

A number of depressing photographs, land up on the internet of poor kids and civilians of Syria living in miserable conditions.


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