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25 Hilarious Times People Were Caught Sleeping

Sleep is one of the most pleasant and important things in our lives. Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of the modern world, we can easily forget about it. Yet our bodies are much smarter than we are, and they take what rightfully belongs to them whenever they have a chance. And sometimes it happens in the most unexpected places and poses!

Here is a collection of 25 funny pictures of people who were caught sleeping in hilarious poses. 

1. How could someone even come up with an idea this brilliant? 

2. This might have been a caring gesture by his co-workers. A carton shelter for the sleepy baby. 

3. I bet this boy might be really proud of this picture. Forget him sleeping, concentrate on the fact that Obama noticed him.

4. When you’re fed up with all the damn responsibilities, might as well take a nap.

5. Sleep anywhere because you are tired and also because who cares?

6. The position doesn’t really matter. I was tired, that’s it. 

7. I mean, really, who cares?

8. Hoping this guy will wake up soon before he reaches the last stop.

9. Watch these celebrities getting real.

10. Haha, even if it’s during the Academy Awards.

11. How can TV shows be an exception?

12. Bean bags are comfy, without a doubt.

13. Let’s accept, this is a picture of the exam week.

14. Sleeping like a baby even if it’s a class.

15. Isn’t this like the least likely place to go sleep.

16. Don’t even try this position at home, viewers. 

17. Let’s call him the bravest soul.

18. Sometimes, a sleep vacation is really necessary.

19. This guy is definitely taking ballet classes in sleep.

20. And here is a hidden vocal talent.

21. Asleep? No, just trying to take a slo-mo exit.

22. And mommy’s chest is the best place to sleep but hello, this ain’t your mommy. 

23. Well, let’s not judge him. 

24. This guy definitely is the most sleepy sleeper.

25. Now, that’s what you call a fairytale picture.


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