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The Generation Of Kids Born In The Late ’70s and Early ’80s Finally Have A Name

If were born during the late 70s or early 80s, you are most probably grouped in with the annoying millennial or pessimistic Gen X’s. Good news, you’re neither!

There is now a micro generation between the years of 1977 and 1983 called Generation Xennial. If you’re born in one of these seven years, you’ve perhaps found that you don’t fit into either of the existing generations surrounding you and this is because you shouldn’t!

Xennial’s are different and therefore they get their own mini generation.

Typically, Xennials don’t have the pessimism associated with the Gen X generation, but they also lack the unnecessary optimism of millennial, which are said to overrate their potential. Xennials fall somewhere in between these two extremes!

Because this generation name is honestly new, there is still a lot of talk, and disagreement on the characteristics surrounding the people in this generation.

People born during this specific time period did not grow up in world where the Internet and cell phones were always there, like the millennial who came after them? Xennials can definitely remember when these technologies emerged. But unlike Gen X, they were able to adapt to these new technologies very quickly and easily.

When new technology came out, it grew as they did. They were old enough to get used to it and young enough to adapt and understand it. They are now able to use technology just as proficiently as millennial but can still remember a time without it.

Xennials take the good from both generations surrounding them, and leave the bad. If you were born around the time of 77 to 83 and feel like you never belonged as a Millennial or Gen Xer, it’s because you’re neither!

Congratulations Xennials, you’ve waited long enough and now you finally have your very own micro-generation that also has some pretty awesome traits.

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