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Man Turns His Tinder Profile Into An Epic PowerPoint-Style Presentation

If you’re thinking of writing a perfect bio for your Tinder profile, then take example from this article, because we’ve found the perfect inspiration for you. And the bio comes in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.

Gracie Barrow was swiping through Tinder, when she came across a profile that got her attention instantly.

A guy named Sam had dedicated all of his Tinder pictures to an entire PowerPoint on why people should swipe right on him.

In the PowerPoint bio presentation, Sam listed the things he enjoys doing – which includes laser tag, long walks on the beach and dad jokes.

In the next slide, he added his notable qualities and skills. This included knowing all the rules to drinking games, being generous when drunk and being ‘not the worst at sex’.

In his final slide, Sam listed a number of ‘totally real reviews’.

This included ‘Not the worst Sam I’ve ever met’, written by ‘Leonardo Di Capri Sun’, ‘Makes unbelievable pancakes, the best I’ve ever laid my eyes on’, by ‘Some Random Guy’, and ‘This guy makes the greatest PowerPoints, the best. The reviews he’s getting are youuuuge’ by Donald Trump. This was a five star review, too.

However, there was one 1 star review – from Sam’s dad. It read: ‘I have a son!?’

Gracie shared photos of the Tinder profile on Twitter, with the caption: ‘A genuine 10/10 effort from this lad lmaooo I’m crying’

19-year-old, Gracie, from Middlesbrough, told that she thought Sam’s profile was ‘hilarious’ and showed it to all of her friends straight away because it ‘just got funnier with each slide of the presentation’.

She said: ‘I’d seen people have funny bio’s and things but never a full presentation selling themselves!’

Gracie says that after seeing all the effort Sam had gone to, she matched with him, and they have since gone on to speak about her tweet, which ended up receiving more than 27,000 retweets and 114,000 likes.

Gracie said the reaction to her tweet has been ‘absolutely mad’.

She explained: ‘I didn’t expect at all that it would get as much support as it did! I obviously thought it was really funny but I didn’t comprehend how many other people would too! ‘But really all I did was put the tweet, it was Sam’s profile that’s made it get the reaction it has!’

When asked whether a date is on the cards for her and Sam, Gracie said: ‘Yeah I think we’re planning on meeting in the next few weeks, whether it could be classed as a date I’m not so sure haha!’





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