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Wisconsin-Madison Student Traipses Through Snow In Shorts

Everyone in this season of winter is bundling up in the thickest clothes they could find, wearing mittens, bonnets, and fur-lined boots and jackets. But, recently, one student in Wisconsin went viral for wearing ‘summer clothes’ in a winter snow storm!

The young student became the subject of much Twitter debate as many said he really looked cool on the photo; although others said he did look ‘cool’ but not the ‘cool’ that signals he looks awesome but the ‘cool’ that meant he was really feeling cold, literally.

Everything started when this young man’s school took notice of his ‘cool’ getup and decided to make him the perfect example to remind everyone to bundle up and stay safe in the winter cold.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison wrote on its official Twitter page as the -8C winter snow storm kept most people indoors:

Only in Wisconsin…

Pro tip: *Please* bundle up, #Badgers. 🧤🧣

Lot of people even admired this young lad for his, ‘courage’ in wearing such a thin summer getup but others simply called him a fool who wanted to get attention, only to put himself in danger.

Moreover, more snow is actually falling but the young man didn’t appear to be bothered by any of it at all.

(Dave Attenborough voice) And here we have an example of the Wisconsin male; attempting to woo a mate by showing off his calves and his endurance in the harsh, Wisconsin winter,” Twitter user @jupitergimlet joked.

But it seems that this young man isn’t the only one doing this ‘summer getup’ thing.

And Minnesota. As a substitute teacher in high school and middle school I am always shocked by the number of kids wearing shorts in the middle of winter,” user @cjluk77 wrote.

Some Twitter users knew this guy would surely be in trouble with his mom, with one commenting that she hopes his mom isn’t on Twitter but it seems that the lady is actually on Twitter!

Twitter user @LSmaagaard seemingly admonished her son for his outfit, telling him to put on his coat, hat, mittens, and pants.


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