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Restaurant Challenges Customers To Eat A Giant 2.5kg DUMPLING – So Would You Try It?

Tucked inside a small shop in Tokyo lies one very big challenge.

It weighs nearly 2.5 kilograms and costs AUD $114 and is filled with pork and chive.

This is the giant dumpling, and it has fascinated challengers from all over the world.

The restaurant Kagurazaka Hanten first started its dumpling challenge more than 45 years ago.

The owner hoped it would be the perfect way to attract more young people to the restaurant, which was in the middle of a busy student neighbourhood.

‘We had a lot of people, especially students, around here and when they saw the challenge menu they really wanted to try it,’ he told Only in Japan.

‘In a group, the students get really pumped up. We thought that it would be a great reason for people to have a party here.’

And it clearly worked. The walls are now covered with the signatures of several Japanese celebrities who have tried the challenge – and often failed.

This dumpling challenge does have a few rules, insofar as people must order and pay for the enormous dumpling two days in advance.

But if they finish the whole thing in an hour, the entire meal is free.

You can’t leave the table or use the restroom during the time, or you forfeit the challenge.

The restaurant also reserves the right to stop you if it looks like you’re on the verge of getting sick.

‘Please remember that this challenging menu is just for fun! Just enjoy it and do not force yourself to eat it all please,’ the friendly rule card reads.

And if you don’t finish the whole thing? No drama. The restaurant will happily pack your leftovers for takeaway.

If a giant gyoza doesn’t sound appealing, there are a number of other challenges on the menu at Kagurazaka Hanten.

Brave customers can also attempt to finish 100 smaller dumplings, rather than one large one.

Or they can take on a giant plate of fried rice, or slurp through three giant bowls of ramen.

Photo: dailymail


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