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The Lonely Island Are Finally Going To Be Performing A Full Live Concert

The year is 2009; you’ve been to see 500 Days of Summer and The Hangover, your parents have joined Facebook, people are playing Doodlejump on their iPod Touches, wearing their absurdly coloured Nike IDs when someone calls you over to their desktop computer shouting “hey come watch this!”

You interrupt your conversation, sorrowful over how safe mining in Chile is, and how it can never go wrong, wander over, fraught to see through your yellow Kanye West barred shades and say “what’s crackalackin?!”, as you quote the year before’s Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa with fond memories of the savanna high-jinks.

Check out this swell vid on the YouTube – the video streaming site that’s only like four years old – that I found. Some fellas are singing on a boat,” your friend says, before pressing play on Lonely Island’s hit I’m on a boat featuring the vocal talents of T-Pain.

This is fantastic!” you say, “we should meme this…” you continue. “What’s a meme?” your friend asks. Dark times.

Irrespective, I’m on a boat changed a lot about music and YouTube, and showed that musicians don’t have to choose between ‘funny’ and ‘actually good’ when making a comedy song.

That was the year that Lonely Island released their album Incredibad and since then the group shot to fame. Andy Samberg more than the other two, becoming a regular feature in SNL and getting a big role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, before the group released the film Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.

The latter didn’t do too well, but apparently, it’s very good.

Anyway, you’d have thought that since then, The Lonely Island would have done a live tour, but no, some of the closest we’ve got was when they performed sort-of live on Jimmy Fallon with children’s instruments.

But all that’s about to change as The Lonely Island are going to perform a full concert set for the first time.

The group will appear as headliners at Comedy Central and Superfly’s ‘Clusterfest’, performing along with talents such as Jon Stewart, Amy Schumer, and Trevor Noah. They won’t be the only musical sorts there, either, with Salt-N-Pepa, Third Eye Blind, Action Bronson, and Reggie Watts set to perform.

The Lonely Island took to Twitter to break the news, tweeting a full set list…

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