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Teen Olympian Overslept, Lost His Coat And Cursed On TV But Still Stormed To Victory

American gold medallist Red Gerard, and his family and friends, had an unbelievably memorable day at the 2018 Winter Olympics on Sunday.

Gerard, 17, became America’s first gold medal winner at the PyeongChang Olympics, winning the Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle event after pulling out all the stops with his third and final run of the day.

Born in June 2000, Gerard entered the Olympic history books as the youngest American man to win a Winter Games gold medal since 1928.

But, Gerard’s golden day started out just like a regular teen’s day, with him oversleeping.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Gerard had fall asleep while watching an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix the night before his gold medal run. He was supposed to wake up at 6am, but was still in bed at 6.20am, when his roomie and snowboarding teammate Kyle Mack woke him up.

Gerard then apparently spent a few panicked minutes looking for his jacket, eventually borrowing Mack’s, before heading out to the snowboarding venue.

At about 8.30am, Gerard later revealed, while he was en route to the venue, he received a Snapchat revealing that his 17 family members and friends were ‘shotgunning’ beers in preparation for his ride.

Gerard then went on to take his three slopestyle runs that morning, falling during the first two and then nailing his final one, becoming the first American to take home a gold medal at the Winter Games.

Unable to contain his surprise, Gerard was caught on camera saying, ‘Holy s**t!’ The statement would later be aired, expletive unedited, on national television for American audiences that night.

Instantly after Gerard’s winning score was revealed, NBC cameras and Olympics photographers turned towards Gerard’s cheering section, where members of his entourage, including his father, could be seen holding cans of beer, presumably making an effort to ward off the cold by imbibing South Korea’s Fitz Super Clear and some sort of lite beer.

When asked if his family and friends were having a good time at the Olympics, Gerard said they definitely were having fun.

‘I’d say they’ve been having some fun,’ Gerard said during a press conference after his win, in a moment captured by USA Today Sports.

‘I got a Snapchat this morning at like 8.30am when I was taking a bus up and they were all shotgunning beers on the way to the mountain, so I’d say they’ve been having a good time, yes.’

Later in the day, Gerard’s father, Conrad, 54, told ‘The whole family jumped around for about three hours non-stop after he won! He was amazing! I’ve lost my voice we’ve been partying so hard.’

While his friends and family might’ve been gulping six packs by the dozen, Gerard himself is apparently staying focused on continuing to turn in stellar performances.

Gerard’s mom, Jen, 52, said that he definitely didn’t toast his victory with a beer of his own.

‘No, no, no, no!’ Jen said. ‘Red is an athlete! He is busy with all that stuff. He did not drink any beer!’

Gerard’s next event is Snowboard BigAir which begins on February 19.

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