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Lesbian Couple Pop The Question At The Exact SAME TIME After Secretly Planning The Perfect Proposal For Months

A lesbian couple were surprised when they both ended up proposing to each other at the same time — without either of them having any idea that the other was going to pop the question.

Tori Monaco from Austin, Texas, spent months planning the perfect proposal for her now-fiancée Berkley Cade, but when she got down on one knee during a game of Pictionary her speechless girlfriend also whipped out a ring.

Obviously, both of them said yes, and a newly engaged Tori took to Twitter on Saturday to share photos of them wearing their rings, as well as a video of the heart-warming moment.

At the start of the clip, which was shared on their BerkleyLovesTori YouTube channel, Berkley is drawing while Tori is trying to guess what.

‘Woman? Man? Proposal?’ she asks.

While Berkley is busy drawing, Tori gets down on one knee behind her.

‘Hey Berk, will you marry me?’ she asks, causing her girlfriend’s mouth to drop.

Berkely is justifiably shocked, but not for the reason Tori thinks.

‘Show her Berk. Show her!’ someone says behind the camera, and Berkley reaches over and pulls out the engagement ring she had purchased for Tori.

Now, Tori is the one who is completely shocked.

‘She didn’t know?’ Berkley asks, and their family stresses that Tori had no idea.

‘What the heck? This is a joke. This is a set up,’ Tori says, while wiping the tears from her eyes.

‘We kept this secret from each other,’ Berkley says, prompting Tori to add: ‘For so long!’

Berkley just wants to put the ring on Tori’s finger, but she still can’t get over what’s happening.

‘You said you didn’t’ want to play Pictionary and I was really sad!’ she tells Berkley. ‘I was like, “She doesn’t even want to play the game and I am trying to propose to her.”‘

Tori stops to check out the ring that Berkley got her, but then she changes her mind.

‘Wait, I asked first. Get up,’ she tells her girlfriend. ‘Berkley Elizabeth Cade will you marry me?’

Tori is still in shock and asking how this could have happened when Berkley goes to put her engagement ring on her finger.

She later took to Twitter share photos of herself wearing her ring while posed with Berkley, who is wearing hers.

‘I planned a proposal for months… little did I know she planned one too!’ Tori tweeted.

‘Now I know why you pretended you hated Pictionary. You tricky girl. I love you so much. Can’t wait to marry the s**t out of you.’

Berkley also tweeted the good news, writing: ‘After 4 LONG months of keep this secret… turns out Tori McKinzi Marie Monaco was keeping one too.

‘I cannot wait to marry the woman of my dreams. I love you forever baby.’

Photo: dailymail


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