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10 Amazing Facts You Don’t Know About The Sahara Desert

According to a recent study published in the scientific journal Science Advances, humans used to occupy the Sahara Desert nearly 8,000 years ago. Today, the Sahara is one of the most hostile environments on planet Earth. It’s extreme climate conditions makes it a challenging place to survive. There are lot more things that make Sahara Desert out stand. Here we have listed down 10 captivating facts about the Sahara Desert that probably you didn’t know earlier.

1. Earlier Sahara Desert was a fertile farmland.

You’ll be shocked to know that crops grew in Sahara even 8000 years ago. Earlier it used to be a fertile and well-watered land but then something happened and the place turned into a desert. Even today, there is much evidence that proves this fact true.

2. Few parts of the desert are fertile even today.

It is undoubtedly the driest place on the globe, still there exist about 80000 square miles where you’ll easily find lush oases.

3. Sahara desert is not all about sand.

This is one of the facts that seems false to listen because if we think about Sahara desert the first things that comes to our mind are sand, sand, and sand. But this is not the case, it is not even a half sand. It actually is a combination of 30% sand and 70% gravel.

4. Thousands of species of plants grow in Sahara.

More than 1200 species of plants grow in Sahara. There are lots of species that Sahara is known for. According to scientific facts Sahara used to be a fertile farmland.

5. Sahara is the hottest desert in the world.

When it comes to hotness then according to studies Sahara generates the hottest temperature on the planet.

6. Sahara and it’s nomadic population.

There is unbelievably great population exists in Sahara, but most of the people are nomads there. According to the scientists, Sahara used to be a better place and once upon a time when there used to be more population than today.

7. Sahara is the home of some fascinating species of animals.

The desert is also home to be the rarest yet fascinating species.

8. Sahara desert has a rich history.

The place also has a great history. Before reaching to the level of driest place it went through a series of wetland. Scientists believe that Sahara can be shrink and expand with time.

9.The Saharan Peaks are snowcapped during the winter.

One out of the fascinating facts is that the peaks remain snowcapped during winters. Even I guess most of you didn’t know that some of the snowcapped peaks are known to be the best trekking location.

10. Mind you but Sahara is not the biggest desert in the world.

I know most you are shocked to read it that Sahara is not the biggest desert but that’s true. You probably didn’t know but the biggest one is Antarctica!


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