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Qatar, An Important And Stronger Ally To The US

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According to a senior US official, there is no more important or stronger ally to the US than Qatar in the region.

“Qatar-US strategic dialogue that was held two weeks ago aims to send the message to the world and not only to the people in Qatar that the relations between the two countries are very important and have reached to a strategic level. Our relations has reached to the level where we could say that there is no other important or stronger ally to the US than Qatar,” said Ryan Gliha, the Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy of the United States of America to Qatar.

He said that the relations between Qatar and the US have witnessed big developments especially in the recent years and “now we are marking the 45th year of our bilateral the relations.” Ryan Gliha said this while speaking to Qatar TV programme Hayatuna (Our Lives) recently about the positive outcomes of the Qatar US strategic dialogue.

He also said that the relationship between the two nations is not just restricted to military field, but also expands to other fields like culture, combating terrorism, education and economy.

“We have noticed that every year the relations witness more developments in some areas. This invited us to make the relations strategic. Qatari investments in the US increased year by year and during the last two years investment by Qatar Investment Authority reached $45bn in the US,” he said. The six campuses of different US universities in the State of Qatar is a better reflection of the cooperation between the two countries in education besides other fields, he added.

The strategic dialogue between the two nations was held on January 30 in Washington DC in which various agreements, MoUs and letters of intent were signed.

The dialogue aimed at strengthening the partnerships between the two countries in light of the historic ties and strategic interests they share on political, economical, cultural, educational and security levels. The talks revealed increase in the strategic visions between the two countries and stressed the need to remain close allies and friends at bilateral and multilateral levels.

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