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Pakistan Wants To Bring Back Public Executions After Rape and Murder of 6-Year-Old Girl

Recent reports in Pakistan have confirmed that the country’s senate has been asked to pass a bill to bring back public executions by hanging as punishment for criminals who rape or kidnap children under 14 years old.

The clamour comes because of a public outrage after the rape and murder of Zainab Ansari, 6, whose body was “left in a rubbish dump in Kasur, East Pakistan, after she was snatched while on her way to a class,” the DailyMail reported.

Rehman Malik, Chairman of the Standing Committee on the Interior, said that a law amendment has already been approved by his committee and will be forwarded to the senate.

Currently, Section 364-A of the Pakistan Penal Code Act 1860 says “Whoever kidnaps or abducts any person under [the age of fourteen] in order that such person may be murdered or subjected to grievous hurt… or to the lust of any person shall be punished with death.”

6-year-old Zainib Ansari was viciously raped and murdered in Kasur, Pakistan.

The new amendment seeks to change that by adding the words “by hanging publicly” after “death”.

Imran Ali, who raped and killed the poor girl, has since been arrested and has confessed to his crimes.

His DNA has also matched samples found on the victim’s body.

An angry mob surrounded the suspect’s house.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, a police district official said:

“The suspect’s name is Imran and he lives in the same [area] where Zainab lived.

“He was arrested before, but was released as we did not have evidence. After that he shaved his beard off so that no one could recognise him.”

According to the DailyMail, Zainib was “snatched in early January as she walked to a Koran class.”

Meanwhile, Mohammed Amin and Nusrat Ansari, Zainib’s parents, were on a pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia at the time.

Zainib and her siblings were being watched by her uncles and aunts.

The young girl’s death drove many people to protest and plead for justice in her behalf.

Thousands of people attended the funeral of Zainib Ansari in Kasur, Pakistan.

According to Sahil, an organization that documents child abuse cases in Pakistan, there were 4,139 cases of child sexual abuse reported in 2016. To make it worse, many cases, said Munizae Bano, executive director of Sahil, remain unreported.

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