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6 Foods That Are Bad For Your Sex Drive

Having a hard time getting your erotic side on? Maybe you should try consuming aphrodisiacs, which range from the usual oysters to the rare bird’s nest soup. Also, you should stay away from some particular foods that can actually have a negative effect on your libido. You may not know it, but your everyday diet may include certain dishes that are not doing your sex drive any good.

Now doctors are not exactly advocating definite lists of foods that are good and bad for your libido, but they do have suggestions on what to avoid. “You’ll find a long list of foods that affect your testosterone or libido; however, a lot of these are based on word-of-mouth or poor research studies,” says Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD, co-director of the PUR Clinic in Clermont, Florida.

Dr. Brahmbatt advocates taking “everything in moderation” and cites certain foods that you should avoid before hitting the sheets.

Foods rich in saturated fat

We all know that it’s so darn hard to stay away from fried food, particularly French fries and chicken nuggets. They are tasty all right, but they are also high in saturated fat, which can clog the arteries, affect blood flow, and make you gain weight. Another drawback of fried food? Possible erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Brahmbhatt explained:

“If you eat poorly, you’re more likely to be obese and have problems like diabetes or high blood pressure, all of which can affect your libido. It’s best to eat better today for a healthier sex life tomorrow.”

Soy-based foods

Tofu and other foods with high soy content may decrease testosterone and sperm count.


Foods rich in salt can cause your blood pressure to spike and lower your libido.

Vegetable oil

According to Columbus Men’s Clinic in Columbus, Ohio, some vegetable oils are high in polyunsaturated fats, which can cause your testosterone levels to take a serious dip. Consider extra virgin olive oil as substitute for cooking.


According to Dr. Brahmbhatt:

“Sugars require insulin for processing. This constant increase in insulin is linked with low testosterone levels.”

You should also steer clear of food with heavy carbohydrates such as pasta, which turn to sugar in the body and cause blood glucose levels to spike. This in turn makes the pancreas produce more insulin.


We all know the seemingly “magical” effects of alcohol when it comes to increasing one’s confidence, but not all of us are aware that it can actually lessen the libido and makes it hard for men to get erect.

As Dr. Brahmbhatt shares:

“Heavy drinking can lead to lower testosterone and higher estrogen levels. In combination, this can affect your libido.”

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