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12 Young Stars Who Will One Day Rule Hollywood

In the entire world, Hollywood is probably the leading movie industry. The major part of the industry success goes to the actors and actresses this industry has. Right from the greatest actor of all times to the greatest actress, this industry has it all. But among all of them the most astonishing are young actors and actresses, who just blow our mind. Every year we get few such stars who make us believe that they are ones who are going to rule Hollywood movie industry in future. The previous year we got to see some of the finest acting from these little wizards.

Here are 12 young and super talented actresses who are going to be the queens of Hollywood in future!

1. Millie bobby brown

This name doesn’t need an introduction. This young Stranger Things lead star has blown everyone’s mind with her incredible acting. She is also a very good singer which we got to see in The Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon and an equally good dancer. Yes, she is a triple threat.

2. Maisie Williams

Arya Stark of Winterfell, do I even need to say anything about her? Not many young actresses reach the point Maisie Williams has. She is the one who is going to rule Hollywood in future.

3. Joey King

With more than 50 movies and shows, Joey King is already taking over Hollywood slowly. Future and the entertainment industry is blessed to have her.

4. Dafne Keen

If you haven’t seen Logan then stop reading this and watch it now. Dafne Keen is a born talent. Not all actresses can act the way Dafne did at such a young age.

5. Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning is incredibly beautiful and equally talented. At such a young age, she has more than 50 films and shows on her credibility. Watch out, future Hollywood, she is here to stay for long.

6. Sophie Turner

This list wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning Sophie Turner’s name. The Game Of Thrones is also a part of the X-Men franchise now and has already proven how talented she is.

7. Natalia Dyer

Yet another gem from Stranger Things. The badass character she plays in the series shows how great an actress she is.

8. Mackenzie Foy

Christopher Nolan fans already know her from his movie Interstellar. She may be young but her acting skills are not, watch out for her as well.

9. Mckenna Grace

As of now, Mckenna Grace is just 12 but has more than 40 movies and films in her file. Films like Gifted and I, Tony are a couple of examples how perfect she is.

10. Anya Taylor-Joy

Well, she became a worldwide known name after the movie Split hit the theaters. She is also set to star in The New Mutants along with Maisie Williams.

11. Zendaya

Zendaya is a blessing for Hollywood. Trust me on this, the way she is going these days, she’ll be one of the biggest actresses in the Future.

12. Kathryn Newton

The angst of a teenager is not easy to play but she nailed it in Big Little Lies. She for sure has more tricks up her sleeves.


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