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15 Hilarious Pictures Showing The Humor Behind The Madness Of Dieting

People, especially women, diet in order to lose weight or to keep themselves fit and healthy. But sometimes these diet plans become too hard to follow that we often decide to cheat on it. And a bit of humor and sarcasm makes everything better. So, here we have a list of people who used humor in their “fitness goals” pictures and made everyone laugh. Also, these are the funny pictures which truly reveals the humor behind the madness of dieting.

1. A perfect diet plan if you are a turtle who only enjoys eating cabbage!

2. Well, it’s not every time when hard work pays off.

3. It is okay to leave it to tomorrow when it comes to dieting.

4. Easiest and quickest way to get rid of belly fat.

5.  Here’s a chance to cheat on your diet.

6. Here is a chance to grab to bite. Go ahead.

7. And dieting is best explained in this picture. You can see all the delicious food but can’t have it.

8. And this picture perfectly summoned up the madness of dieting.

9. Perfect fork for a perfect diet plan.

10. Since when did clothes started to make us look fat?

11. And that puppy dog eyes you make when you are really hungry and waiting to get loads of food

12. Are you out of carrots when on a diet? Don’t worry cheetos got you. They are a great alternative for carrots.

13. And this is the correct way to eat the Oreos.

14. “French fries kill more people than guns and sharks yet nobody is afraid of french fries” – Great words by Rober Kiyosaki, the writer of the book, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’.

15. And after being on a strict diet for a long time this is how you should treat yourself!


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