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​​Mia Khalifa Answers Your Most Googled Sex Questions

Google is a place where we can find anything. It’s the complete database of everything you can ever imagine! You’ll find simple recipes like cooking or boiling an egg to socially complex question about s3x life. But being a machine, Google lacks the human sympathetic aspect of analysing things. Google is still only 18 years old and always have to learn a lot if it wants to answer some complex question. Until then we have to ask such questions from the other people. So today, one such person named Mia Khalifa is going to answer the most searched question “Does size matter?”

Who is Mia Khalifa?

Mia Khalifa is a 24-year-old Lebanese American Porn Star. Just in 3 months of her adult actress career, she was ranked as the number one performer on adult content sites. Mia Khalifa is the only person best suitable to answer the question, and she believes that size didn’t matter when she had an interview with Men’s Health.

She says that the main spot is the G-Spot

G-spot is situated on the top wall of vagina between the opening and the cervix muscles.  So if you’re fingering your girl, it’s up, and under, and so on. You know you’re doing it right when she reacts on the spot

Where is the G-spot?

G-spot is on the top wall of the vagina halfway between the opening and the cervix, says human anatomy. And you will fail to pleasure your love if you cant stimulate her G-spot. Its a different spot for every girl but almost the same.

How to get a bigger penis manually?

Mia Khalifa says that she doesn’t think size matters at all. The best s3x she ever had was not with the most well-endowed man she has ever been with.

Mia also adds that s3x should last between 7 and 15 minutes. Think a quickie is usually about 5-7 minutes, and something more passionate is often about 10-15 minutes. I don’t like hour-long sessions. I get chafed and tired. If it lasts an hour, then there is a problem. Like, why is it taking so long?


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