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Ray Kurzweil Says This Is How Our World Will Change By 2099

According to a futurologist, Ray Kurzweil, whose prophecies in 86% cases are precise is now predicting that our world will get fully changed by 2099. Ray Kurzweil is a famous inventor, author, and a futurologist. He is also famous for his scientific forecasts. He is also employed by the Google to work on new projects including language processing and machine learning. Recently, he predicted about the Soviet Union Dissolution. It is the computer victory over the best players of chess in the world. He also predicted about the digital assistants like Siri and Alexa, Virtual Reality and augmented systems.

Ray Kurzweil is perfect at his work as a futurologist and seldom makes mistakes on his predictions. His prediction efficiency is 86%. In October 2010, He released a book of the analyzation of his all predictions he had made in 3 other books of 1990, 1999 and 2005. From the analyzation, it was found that out of total 147 predictions, 115 were totally accurate, 12 were generally correct, 17 were partially correct and only 3 were failed. So today, we at No One Cares will tell you such predictions from 21st Century which will seem to be something unexpected.

Take a look:

#1. In 2019, Humans will be able to conquer over such diseases which kill 95% of people. The aging process will get slow down or reversed.

#2. In 2020, the shape of the computers will get completely changed. The will come in smaller sizes. For example, they will become a part of clothes.

#3. In the beginning of 2020, “Human Body 2.0” will be introduced. They will work on the basis of nanotechnology. New advertisements will be directly broadcasted to each individual via audio channels.

#4. In 2025, all the cars and flying vehicles will be controlled by the computers. It will be the year where technology will work to understand the working of the brain.

#5. Accurate computer modeling of Human brain parts will be introduced. Also by the end of 2020, Artificial Intelligence will come into existence which will be capable of working as a human brain.

#6. By 2029, Artificial Intelligence will be able to pass the Turing test which will prove its ability to think as a human being.

#7. The production of Nanotechnologies will get fast and create its effect on the World’s Economy. Nanomachines will be introduced which will be used in medicines. Nanorobots will be introduced which will change the traditional habit of eating. Nanorobots will be capable of penetration cells, feed them directly and remove the waste.

#8. By 2030, Nanomachines will be implanted inside human brains. Mind uploading will become possible. People will be able to project their bodies in the real world and virtual world. They will be able to live on the internet. The virtual reality equipment will get disappeared. The nanomachines implanted in our brains will increase sensory and cognitive capabilities including memory.

#9. People will also be capable of connecting to each other via wireless networks using telepathy. “Human Body 3.0” will be introduced, and they will not have a specific shape of the body. They will be capable of changing their exterior whatever they like.

#10. By 2040s, Non-Bio-Intelligence will be introduced which will exceed the capability of Bio-Intelligence by billions of times.

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