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This Is What The Position Of Your Birthmark On Your Body Means For You

Myths say that birthmarks are associated with the events of your past life while science says that it occurs due to excess melanin production during birth and there are numerous other theories which reveal different ways of reading the birthmark. The fact, however, is that your birthmark does have some effect on either your personality, your luck or the choices you make in life. It completely depends on you to believe in them or not but if you do, here’s what the position of your birthmark signifies for you.

1. Stomach

You are a satisfied personality. You want peace in harmony in life. There is no place for hatred and chaos.

2. Near lips

You are straightforward, blunt and have an outspoken personality.

3. On back

Sign of an open-minded and honest person.

4. Left cheek

You may have financial difficulties in life but also have the strength to face the challenges.

5. Chin

It means that you are a little hot-tempered and get angry over things that don’t even matter.

6. Right Cheek

It indicates a passionate personality. You are ambitious and have your goal set in life.

7. On forehead

Having a birthmark on forehead tells that you are a leader and have all the signs of an achiever.

8. Shoulder

It shows that you are going to have many responsibilities in your future but you will do fine.

9. Thighs

Your mind is filled with thoughts and looking for some peace.

10. Bottom of feet

You are a trendsetter and a kind of a person who always sets new standards for others.

11. Chest

You have a loving heart and a bright future ahead.

12. Nose

You have a sweet, kind and a generous personality. Your love for other is unconditional.


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