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15 Masturbation Jokes That Will Rekindle Your Memories!

According to Urban Dictionary the process in which a man or woman touches themselves on their fun parts to create an amazing sensation similar to $ex. When people make jokes on their jerking off, things just explode with laughter.

Here are 15 jokes made by people on masturbation that will rekindle your memories!

1. Tissues are important because who wants to walk around with the tears.

2. Times change, and so does the ways of masturbation.

3. Shouldn’t you keep your pets out of masturbation? Peta, are you listening? 

4. When jokes travel back in time, this happens.

5. Finally, someone who benefitted from masturbation. These jokes are totally epic.

6.That’s really awkward.

7. When even walls are tired of your jokes and um, jerking off.

8. At least you have some ambition, some people even lack that. By the way, ain’t 6 tabs too much?

9. I guess no. You should have thought about it while you were busy with your masturbation.

10. New year resolutions are the new jokes. Or maybe have always been jokes.

11. Why isn’t this socking? But, this indeed which sock your mother.

12. You can’t always hide things from mom, you see. Also, who on earth calls 911 for such things?

13. That pun, you see, that’s where the real trouble starts. Good one, mate.

14. And then continue with their work, maybe? Why did this guy even think of such thing?

15. Ouch! This is going to hurt so many people around. But the accuracy though.


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