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Strategic Dialogue Between Qatar And US Confirms Strong Relationship Between The Two Countries

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Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister H E Sheikh Mohamed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani highlighted the outcome of the strategic dialogue between Qatar and the US in the fields of security, defence, and politics and said it was a strong response to the allegations of the siege countries.

Speaking at an interview, the minister said that Qatar has realized many strategic achievements in various fields. He was referring to the formation of the political working groups between the two countries to follow up on regional issues, continuous work, mutual cooperation and exchange of views.

Speaking about the military agreements, he said there was a joint defense, which also addresses the US base and the presence of US forces on the Qatari territories, as well as the joint military exercises and military procurement of Qatar.

He also noted that talks between the two parties regarding terrorism and the MoU signed by Qatar, which defines the relationship between Qatar and the US in the fight against terrorism through the exchange of more information and capacity building.

Al Thani stated that Qatar believes what has been achieved in this dialogue in general and in the areas of security, defence and political fields is a clear statement and a clear position from the US that Qatar is a strong partner in the fight against terrorism and a strong economic partner.

“This represents a strong response to all the claims of the siege countries that Qatar supports terrorism.  This is a clear testimony from the US, which is well aware of the Qatari efforts and regards Qatar as a key partner in its fight against terrorism.”

The minister also said that Qatar’s relationship with the US did not start with the current administration but with previous administrations. “Our agreements, whether security, military or other economic agreements, were in different periods, and yet remain.”

He pointed out that the US is a state of institutions that respects its agreements, stressing that Qatar believes that its future partnership with the United States is promising, and there are many opportunities to achieve this partnership.

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