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The 6 Stages of Sharing Your Bed With Your Partner

Jacob Andrews is a Brooklyn- based artist, a maker of ‘For Lack of a Better Comic,’ who is an Illustrator for College Humor called “The 6 Stages Of Sleeping With Another Person.”

He happens to get the inspiration for this comic, through his own personal experience of a six-month relationship. During this period, he went through the 6 stages of sharing his bed with a partner, that had strange sleeping habits and screaming with nightmares.

He said that “The ‘sleeping in weird positions’ section is all her, but waking up the middle of the night freaked out and yelling is entirely me.” There is no doubt, that there are many ups and downs which one has to face when sharing the bed with a partner. Nobody wants to feel lonely when sleeping alone, therefore you seek a partner to share your bed. But, when that partner snores, screams, sleeps oddly, then things become a little troublesome.

Take a look at the 6 stages:

#1. In a new relationship, many things couples love to share with one another, particularly the bed.

#2. After a while of being stuck with your partner, while sharing the bed, the body heat of both makes it sweaty and sticky.

#3. Hence, sleeping apart and sleeping attached, both become an issue, with each passing day.

#4. The reason, why it becomes hostile is because you discover that your partner has some very awkward sleeping positions.

#5. The other thing that is shockingly revealed about your partner is, that she talks during sleep and screams with nightmares. Gloomily, you are left awake pondering.

#6. After a horrible experience like this with your partner, you would prefer to sleep alone and not share your bed. But then, this is also not for too long, as you begin to feel lonely without a partner, after a while.

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