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15 Unbelievable True Facts About Our Universe!

We humans always seek to find out our significance on this planet. And for the same there are lots of scientific studies and research are going on but despite all those things here we have listed 15 unbelievable facts about the Universe. These amazing facts will make you feel minimal.

1. You’ll be shocked to know that you will always remain the same age as the universe because the matter is something that can never be destroyed or created by humans. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

2. There is an area that is so unfathomably large and we call it as “Space.”

3. Undoubtedly universe is too big that even scientists cannot describe, so there is a strong possibility of space battles going on somewhere even now.

4. If humans will find life on Mars then they have to add even a planet of birth to our passport.

5. It is unbelievable but according to the existing facts, there is only one sunset that’s been going around the earth for billions of years.

6. When you look up into the sky, you are actually gazing down into the infinite universe. It is the gravity holding you to the earth. It is quite strange but true.

7. As the solar system and galaxy are constantly moving you have never been in the same physical place twice in your lifetime. 

8. According to the science, there is a planet in the expanse of the universe whose night sky has a penis constellation.

9. It is unbelievable but it takes a moon and a whole ocean to disappear your mere footstep from the sand.

10. It is strange yet true that once you were the youngest being on the planet.

11. According to science, the Moon was invaded by the aliens on July 20th, 1969.

12. Everything humans can eat is somehow processed by sunshine.

13. People on a planet located 65 million light-years away can still see dinosaurs on earth.

14. There is a possibility that the science will develop to an extent when we will be able to shoot SCI-FI films in actual outer space. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

15. You’ll be shocked to know that our entire galaxy is named after the secretions of a cow’s udders. I know it is unbelievable but true.


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